Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Secret lives of dresses.

My Life has been full of study lately. I've just finished a semester, and thought I should get back into the blogging jive! I've been trying to not cook too many sweet things, because I was putting on weight from eating all the brownies and cookies! And putting on weight meant that I couldn't wear all of my lovely vintage dresses. So since I've been cutting back on the sweets, I thought I would share my outfits from the last couple of weeks. Maybe this will get me back into blogging a bit more regularly. And make me more motivated to cook, because I've been really lazy lately, making things like omelettes and stir fry for dinner. But I always want to cook lots of amazing things!

All these photos were taken on Instagram (my fave!) If you're on instagram, you can follow me at @ursula_apples.
I've got a couple of recipes up my sleeve, so I'll share those with you soon! I'm really glad to be back. I'll leave you with this lovely song that I just discovered by an American band called The Neighbourhood...