Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey! Bag lady!

library bag

I've seen these posts popping up in blogs all over the place, and honestly, I felt a bit silly doing one, but I really wanted to! And since I had to change bags today to go to the library, I thought now was a good a time as any.

My bag isn't that exciting, unfortunately. I mean, text books?! Boooooring! But it was good to clean out my bag, if anything. Usually the bottom of my bag is full of scrunched up bits of paper and pens that I've stolen from work (whoops!).

At the moment, it's got all the things I need: wallet (from Topshop), a scarf, pencil case, phone, ipod, sunglasses, lipgloss. Even though this isn't my favourite bag (my favourite one is a vintage navy blue one that I got at the op-shop for $3), it does hold all my stuff good and proper (this one is from Sportsgirl).

And since I was wearing my library outfit today, I thought I better share a photo of that, too (A vintage green button-up shirt with a bow at the front, and a pair of jeans).

at the library


  1. hey - that's totally a teacher outfit too!

  2. Is it? I'll have to keep it for my future classroom!

  3. I've always wanted to do one of these! But I never have a neat bag so it would be cheating. I would have to have a pile of rubbish as well as all my proper things.

  4. I cheated a little bit and took out all my bits of paper and lady things.

  5. how adorable are you!? love your outfit and the peek inside your purse...or as i grew up calling it...your "pocketbook."

  6. I've never heard it called a pocketbook before: that's super cute!