Sunday, August 21, 2011



I'm on a mission.
I'm searching for the perfect carrot cake recipe. 

I would like a cake that is tall, and moist, and dark, and full of nuts and carrots and brown sugar. I would like a carrot cake that doesn't have pineapple in it. 
I would like a recipe for carrot cake that doesn't need tweaking. A recipe that is perfect all on its own. A recipe that can become a household staple for me, one that I can pass down to my children and make for their birthday parties.


I do not want a carrot cake recipe like this one, the one that I used. It looked promising, but it wasn't meant to be.
And now I'll be eating this dry, dense, flat, undercooked cake for a week because I can't bring myself to throw anything away, and I can't even share it with other people because it just isn't good.

I did find the perfect carrot cake once, at my old work. The cake was exactly like it should be: tall, moist, not too sweet, with it's three layers full of cream cheese icing. But I didn't get the recipe because it's not appropriate to go into a bakery and ask them for their recipes.

So I'll just have to keep making every carrot cake recipe that I come across. I might even have to start buying cream cheese in bulk.


  1. i'm so sorry your carrot cake didn't work out!
    here's one that i LOVE.. no pineapple, and it's very moist, very tasty, almost healthy! there's just no icing ..

  2. Thanks for the link, Leslie! I'll have to try this one out.