Sunday, August 21, 2011

belated birthday.

My blog birthday went slowly past, and I didn't even realise. I can't believe I've had apples & almonds running for a whole year! To be honest, when I started this blog I thought it would last for about two months before being left by the wayside.

beetroot soup

But I've kept it going, and I've learnt so much, and I've even made a few bloggy friends! Over the year, I've done 98 posts, I've had 14,521 page views, been featured on Foodista and Tastespotting. I've slowly developed my food photography skills and I'm slowly developing my own writing style.
And since I've made it this far, I have no doubt that I can make it to next year.

Olive muffins
school fete & choc chip cookies

So for a birthday round-up, here's a list of my favourite posts so far on apples & almonds. Here's to another year!

Anarchy cupcakes. (My very first post!)

Thank you for being here! Ursula x


  1. Happy Belated Birthday and well done!!!

  2. Wishing your blog a very happy (belated) birthday! One year is quite an accomplishment! The round-up sounds lovely, my only problem is where to's a chilly morning here and sugar and spice biscuits sound fantastic so I'll start there!

  3. wow!! holy milestone! happy blog birthday! :)