Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday I'm In Love: Before I die.

The other day at work, my friend asked me what bands I would most like to see before I died. 
I couldn't think of a single band. 

When people put me on the spot I get all flustered and I could only think of stupid bands (The Spice Girls), or ones that I've seen already (Tegan & Sara). And to make matters worse, her answers were all trendy (Radiohead, Daft Punk, Portishead) and so were everyone else's. 

But I couldn't stop thinking about it. What bands would I most like to see? Out of all the bands, ever, there must be someone that I would most like to see. Surely.
I didn't take my first steps on a dance floor as a baby just to have no answer to this question. 

But I thought long and hard about it, and I came up with a list, and I could probably tell you one memory related to each song: 

I think my dad introduced me to Bjork. Or maybe when I was a kid I just really liked the umbrella dance routine in 'It's oh so quiet', either way, I now own all her albums and went through a stage when I wanted to listen to Hyperballad every day. 

I like their upbeat stuff more than their gothic stuff, but I just can pass up all that big hair. I liked 'Love Cats' long before I realised who The Cure actually were. And then in year 11 it was really cool to listen to them, and I jumped on that bandwagon for life. 

I listened to The Smiths a lot in years 11 and 12. They remind me of my friends Leah and Susan, when we'd stay at each others' houses and drink cheap champagne. Those were the days... 

I'm pretty sure that my aformentioned friend Susan introduced me to Arcade Fire. When Brent and I were in  Glasgow, we went to a pub that had this album playing on repeat. Now that's all I can think about when I listen to them. Ahhh... Scotland.

Mostly I like the way Tom Waits sounds like he's been drinking lots of whisky and smoking even more cigarettes for a really long time. But it's all beautiful. I think my dad also introduced me to Tom Waits. I remember him listening to it as a kid, and I had no idea why he wanted to listen to that weird guy with the deep, crackly voice.

What bands would you most like to see before you die?


  1. i know what you mean. whenever someone asks me about my favourite bands or films my mind totally leaves me. and then afterwards they all come back to me.
    mine would have to be....
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre (in the nineties though... they're kinda lame now)
    David Bowie
    Charlotte Gainsbourg

  2. Your bands are all so trendy! I still haven't listened to the Brian Jonestown Massacre, but I'll try and get into them!

  3. Nice choices ^_^ I'd love to see the top 3 you have - I wagged school when Bjork's albums came out so I could go buy them before anyone else. I've seen some of my band bucket list - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam but would have loved to have seen Jeff Buckley before he died...

  4. The Red hot chilli peppers would be amazing to see live! Thanks for visiting!