Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday flags.

My sister had an impromptu picnic for her birthday earlier this year. So I made her an impromptu lemon cake that was picnic appropriate. I guess all cakes are picnic appropriate, but adding some paper flags to this bright yellow cake made it seem a bit more festive.

Somehow I've turned into the birthday-cake baker in the family. But every cake I've made this year is nothing compared to the rainbow cake from last year. I'm going to have to make something amazing to beat that! One day, one day...

P.S. My sister's Happy Whale collage is going to be on Avant Cards. Keep a look out for it! 


This song is by First Aid Kit, a Swedish band, and is so dreamy and nice!


  1. Love those birthday cake flags!

  2. Thanks! I just made them from paper and glue, ahah old school.

  3. Birthday picnics are so much fun and that cake is adorable! The flags are the perfect festive touch.

  4. Thanks Faith! They're so fun to make, too!