Sunday, June 24, 2012

A trip to warmer climes.


In February, Brent and I spent a few weeks in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast. It was warm and lovely and hardly rained at all while we were there! We kissed seals, drank lots of beer, hung out at the Surf Life Saving Club, and read so many good books. 

Now that the weather in Hobart is freezing, gets dark at 4.00pm and seems to rain everyday, I thought I'd share some photos from our trip, to make us all long for warmer times.

~This seemed like the obvious song to put with this post, but I couldn't bring myself to be that obvious, so I've gone completely in the other direction and included something entirely unrelated ~


  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation! Temps where I am are hot and humid now...I'd love to swap weather with you! :)

  2. Thanks Faith, I'd be totally happy to swap weather with you! If only, haha x