Monday, May 23, 2011

Beetroot soup with sour cream and chives.

beetroot soup

I like the word borscht.

I'd like to say that this is a recipe for borscht, but if I said that, I would be lying. This is a recipe for beetroot soup.
Not that I'm complaining. Who wouldn't want to eat that bowl of purple soup?
The sour cream helps to cut through the sweet, earthy beetroot, and the chives add lovely texture and (more) colour. The soup really needs the sour cream and the chives to make it perfect. Otherwise it's just a big bowl of colour.

Although I'd like to call this borscht, it really isn't. And I definitely would not tell any Russian that I made borscht. But you can call it that if you want.

It sure does make it sound fancy.

beetroot soup

Beetroot soup with sour cream and chives
serves four

7 small/medium organic beetroot
1 litre vegetable stock
1 medium potato
1 medium onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup sour cream
salt and pepper
chives and extra sour cream to garnish

Peel and chop the beetroot and the potato. Be careful of your hands/clothes/bench, as they will definitely get stained by beetroot (Don't worry, it washes out. Eventually).
Chop the onion and fry it in a big saucepan until soft. Add the garlic and cook a little bit longer.
Add the potato and beetroot and cover with the stock.
Bring to the boil and cook until everything is soft, about 20-30 minutes.
Let the soup cool slightly.
Blend the soup in batches before returning to the saucepan on the stove. It's important to blend in batches, otherwise the soup can be a bit grainy. If this happens, add some water to help smooth it out.
Stir through the sour cream.
Reheat the soup gently, until hot.
Serve in (white) bowls, topped with extra sour cream and snipped chives.

beetroot soup

p.s. I've just downloaded this new program to help edit my photos. I used to just take the photos and upload them, but now I can play around with them and brighten all the pretty colours. So if some of the photos look overly bright in the future, that's why...


  1. what a pretty soup!! i'd eat it just for the lovely colour!

  2. The colour was what made me want to make this!

  3. I love beets in all forms, but strangely, I've never made beetroot soup (or borscht) before. I guess it's time to give it a shot because this looks delicious.

  4. I'd never made it before, either, but I had eaten it before. You should try it!

  5. Some day I seriously must pass on the old family borscht recipe. Plus,borscht is even better in russian because it transcribes as borschsch with two sch's that's as colourful as the soup. Of course you can just add lots more cabbage to borschsch and it becomes schii hows that for soup linguistics.

  6. You're always full of knowledge, Dad! xx