Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday I'm In Love: A sense of accomplishment.

I'm in holiday mode. Even though I'm not on holidays yet. Go figure. And so I've been playing around with the sewing machine. Trying to make something that looks nice but isn't too difficult. Yesterday, I think I accomplished that.

I made a dress. All by myself. (Please excuse my dumb facial expression).

dress collage

I've made some clothes before, but I've always had the help of some knowledgeable parents and a pattern to work from. Not this time. This time I went out into the sewing world all by myself, without a single helping hand (I'm so grown up!).

I took a pattern off a dress that I had already. I'd like to say that I also went to the fabric shop and chose an amazing fabric that would be perfect for my first Adult Creation. But if I tell you a secret, will you promise not to laugh at me?

I cut up some old sheets to make this dress. But you promised you wouldn't laugh, so it's ok. We're all friends here. And if it makes things any better, while I was making it I totally felt like Sister Maria when she made clothes out of old curtains for the Von Trapp kids. Next thing you know, I'll be marrying my employer and running away from Nazi's.
Lets hope not.


But I did make this dress and I am so utterly proud of myself. When I went to the shops this morning wearing the dress, I had to stop myself from walking like this.

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  1. too cute, the perfect fifties housewife lol